KONDO Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


Year 2013  
Obtained ISO9001 Certification
[ All Plant ]
Year 2011
Obtained ISO14001 Certification
[ All Plant ]
Year 2008
Obtained New JIS K6773 Approval
Polyvinyl chloride water bar
June, 2003
Obtained ISO9001 Certification
[ Tokushima Plant ]
March, 2003
Obtained ISO9001 Certification
[ Headquarters Injection Molding Plant ]
June, 2001
Obtained ISO9002 Certification
[ Tokushima Plant ]
Year 2000
Received TPM PM Awards
Year 1982
Obtained JIS K6762 Approval
Polyethylene two-layered water pipe
Year 1980
Obtained JIS K6723 Approval
Soft polyvinyl chloride compound
Year 1977
Obtained JIS K6773 Approval
Polyvinyl chloride water bar
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KONDO Chemical Industry is a comprehensive plastic manufacturer.

KONDO Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic manufacturer that contributes to businesses in a wide range of fields through development and sales of primary materials and manufacturing and sales of products using primary materials.



Molded Products

Molded Products

Various types of pipes, plates, electric related products, auto parts, home electric appliance parts, medical, construction, and electric related parts, telecommunication related parts, recycled plastic products


Molding Compounds

Molding Compounds

Various types of raw plastic materials, biodegradable plastics, conductive plastics, antibacterial plastics, etc.



  • Headquarters
    2-2-4 Tamakushi-cho Higashi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 578-0932
    Tel: 072-965-0121 ( Main Switchboard )
    Fax: 072-965-0129
  • Division 1 ( Vinyl chloride compounds )
    Tel: 072-965-0124
  • Division 2 ( Various extrusion molded plastic products )
    Tel: 072-965-0127
  • Division 3 ( Various injection molded plastic products )
    Tel: 072-965-0131
  • Division 4 ( Various electric/telecommunication related plastic products )
    Tel: 072-965-0136
  • Tokushima Plant
    80-15 Aza-kitahara, Donari, Donari-tyou, Awa-shi,  Tokushima 771-1506
    Tel: 088-695-4747 ( Main Switchboard )
    Fax: 088-695-2181
  • Inquiry about product technology and development
    [ Development Division ]